A crowdfunding platform that aims to make a great profit for investors while focusing on social responsibilities too.

Sounds familiar? Well, for once, we’re not talking about ourselves, even though we do tick both boxes, but another crowdfunding initiative, created by entrepreneur Karen Darby.

Ms Darby, who has already made an impact with former venture SimplySwitch, which helped consumers get better deals on energy bills, is launching a new crowdfunding venture, crowdmission.com.

With its focus on being the world’s first crowdfunded equity platform for social and environmental businesses, we naturally wish her well.

It’s a noble venture to combine profitable investment with ethical companies that can make a difference to people’s well-being or the planet’s ecology.

And, we must also salute Ms Darby’s strident stance towards mooted regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


Crowdfunding is in its infancy but is already creating great opportunities for investors aligned to great opportunities for businesses to fund their growth.

Any clumsy however well-intentioned legislation at this juncture could seriously impede growth.

The proposals by the FCA to determine who and who is not able to invest in equity crowdfunding companies have rightly attracted Karen’s ire.

”This fledgling industry needs to stand firm and not accept every rule proposed by the regulator,” she said.

“While crowdfunding is quickly being embraced by both investors and businesses, the ‘nanny state’ stance being taken by the FCA may well smother the crowdfunding model in its infancy.

“This is something that can’t be allowed to happen. We believe there’s not only a new breed of social entrepreneur emerging, but there’s a new breed of investor; ordinary people who want to back good businesses.”

The House Crowd both shares and supports Karen’s cogently-expressed sentiments and wishes her the best of luck with her crowdfunding venture.