New build development of 12 semi-detached houses on the site of a former farm in Crewe (also known as Moss Farm). The latest site images are further down the page (new ones added as of 10th August 2020).

A site update was added 26th August 2020 which is also available further down the page.

GDV: £2,406,250

Work commenced on site: Pre-build work commenced December 2018 with work proper starting March 2019.

Status: Under construction.

Coronavirus update: As of August 2020 work on site continues. Because of the situation with the Coronavirus, we are closely monitoring government guidelines and may have to clear the site at any time.  Our QS is providing us with regular updates.  We thank investors for their patience during this difficult time.

Recent site images can be viewed further down the page.

Click here to view drone footage of the site as of end of April 2020.

Build Schedule:

As of August 2020 works are progressing well.

As of April 2020 the site remains operational and some lost time has been clawed back due to the good weather.

As of March 2020 contractors are still working on site though we are monitoring government’s guidelines as the site may need to be closed.

As of February 2020 construction is 8 weeks behind schedule, due mainly to excessive wet weather and associated flooding issues which have been contributed to by the 2 storms in February 2020. It is expected that the programme can be pulled back for completion by the end of April 2020.

There was a delay to the original start on site due to newt trapping and local authority delays in sorting out the easement for drainage.

Recent site images can be found at the bottom of this update.

Sales updates:

As of 3rd August 2020 the 3 reservations have fallen through due to issues to do with Covid, and nothing to do with the properties. 12 units are available.

Signage is now up, brochures are printed and with the sales agents, and the first 3 properties went up on Rightmove at the end of July 2019. November 2019 we are in the process of changing estate agents and raising asking prices. The view home was scheduled to be completed by the end of January 2020.

Click here to see the latest Rightmove listing.

Fund Raises and Investor Return:

Phase/Fundraise 1: 10%
Phase/Fundraise 2: 10%
Fundraise 3: 10%

Investors capital repaid:  none to date – too early in the build process.

Information re interest payments:

We will not be a position to pay any interest until all capital has been repaid, and all units are sold.

Build update 26/8/2020:

All superstructure complete, all windows installed, 10/12 units plastered with kitchens/bathrooms/decoration/joiner works ongoing. First handovers are anticipated for early October 2020.

Site images mid-August 2020:

Site images early August 2020:

Update 18/6/2020:

  • Great news, Plots 1, 7 and 10 are moving towards a sale. The customers have visited the site and have viewed the properties accompanied by our site manager from iQ Projects. The feedback has been well received and we are now working hard to complete the project and provide the quality homes to the normal House Crowd standard.
  • The face of the site is changing daily and we are delighted to see the main structures nearing completion with the removal of scaffolding completed to 10 of the 12 houses and for the final two houses to be free of scaffolding within the next week.
  • The roofing works are complete to ten houses and the last two will be completed through next week.
  • The street scene can now be appreciated in what we believe to be a delightful private development of twelve houses.
  • The removal of the scaffolding will see the external hardscape and landscape works commence and we are very much looking forward to the arrival of paths, driveways, grass and plants.
  • Meetings have taken place on site with our Interior Designer and our contractor to ensure the exacting details are maintained and the first fix mechanical and electrical are now underway on the view house and three other houses with more to follow.

Site images as of 3/7/2020:

Site images as of 16/6/2020:

Site images 8/6/2020:

Site images 12/5/2020:

April 2020 Update:

We are currently waiting on the delivery of windows, external fencing and internal partitions.  Other work continues.

Site images as of 27th April 2020:

Site images as of 23rd April 2020:

Site images as of 8th April 2020:

February 2020 Site Photos:

Click here for more February 2020 site photos.

February 2020 Updates:

Works progressed well across this period.  A number of roofs were installed with first fix trades carried out in several properties.

Plots 11/12 resequenced to allow for early handover (may now change due to the Coronavirus situation).

January 2020 Update:

Additional manpower added – 3 gangs of bricklayers now on site and another gang to come on once scaffold is lifted.

Trusses on site up to plot 8

Plot 1-4: 4th lift scaffold

Plots 5-6 and 7-8: 3rd lift scaffold

Plots 9-10 and 11-12: 1st lift scaffold

Cart excavated material off site.

Cill protection installed.

Target completion for plot no 2 view home and plot 1 empty shell for viewing is 20th March 2020.

Wet weather during this period has impacted on works.

The contractors have been liasing with the neighbours as there have been a few complaints.  They are aiming to keep them better updated on work and progress.

December 2019 update:

3 gangs of bricklayers were on site in December with another gang coming in once the scaffolding is lifted.

Trusses on site up to plot 8.

Target completion for plot no 2 (view home) and plot 1 empty shell for viewing is now 20th March 2020.

November 2019 build update:

Newt trapping is now complete and area clear for works to commence

Road and sewers complete on site

Plots 3 and 4 joists have been done, scaffolding has been fitted to a number of plots.

Soft landing bags are now in place.

View home design is being worked on – the aim is for it to be completed by Christmas 2019.

Connection to main sewer should take place December 2019.

Plots 1-10 roofs planned to be complete by Christmas holiday 2019.

September 2019 update:

Build work is progressing well and marketing will commence shortly with a soft launch of the site.  The show home should be completed by the end of October 2019 at which stage full marketing of the site will commence.

Plot drainage is now complete with extra temporary site drainage installed to cope with the bad weather.  30 day newt trapping to relocate our newt commencing mid-September.  Sewer works are underway.

August 2019 update:

The following works are progressing over the next period

– Site drainage works

– Complete access to road on base level

-Attenuation tanks to be installed

July 2019 Update:

Since the last report, our contractors have completed the following works

– Plots 1-10 substructure now complete and ground slab also done, respective garage slabs also complete.

– Plots 11-12 currently used for site storage

– Drainage installed to plots 1-4 with 5-10 ongoing

– Scaffold matt is down on plots 1-4

– Brickwork has commenced to plots 1-4 – new access road works commenced

– Site entrance has been relocated

June 2019 general Update: 

Contractors have commenced on site and completed the following works:

– Excavation and concrete pour

– Block and beam to all but one block has commenced

– Brickwork build ups to allow screeding is ongoing

Works over the next period:

– Completion of excavation and concrete pour to all plots

– Sub-structure works to commence to the garage blocks – Spoil heap to be removed from site

– Commencement of drainage works

– Commencement of clearance to the easement area of the site

– New roads within site to start being formed following the temp supply for the site being moved

May 2019 General Update:

– Everything is currently running on schedule

– The site is now set up, demolition has been done and so has the site strip

– We hope to implement a property for viewings by the end of September

– Easement is due to complete on the 9th May

April 2019 General Update: 

– House demolished and drainage work is now underway

-Easement in place

March 2019 General Update:

Electrical disconnection of the farmhouse completed, meaning that property could be demolished

-Procurement is now underway

-We are now looking at ways in which we can make up for lost time (due to the re homing of the newt)

-Marketing materials are nearly ready for distribution

-There has been a great deal of interest in the development locally with regards to sales.

February 2019 General Update: 

The purchase of the site took longer than expected due to a required newt survey and the presence of a newt who needed to be rehomed(!) and the need for a drainage ‘easement’ (licence to cross their land) from the local council.  This delayed the site purchase by several months as it was originally anticipated to be May 2018.  Our contractors are aiming to claw back as much time as possible through the build and we apologise to investors for the delays.

-However, the purchase completed December 2018 and we started on site in December 2018 with demolition works.

-Terms have been agreed with a contractor who has taken possession of the site, and our first progress meeting is scheduled for mid-February 2019.

-Estate agents have just been appointed and we already have one client that wishes to reserve a plot.

-As of early 2019 we are also working on marketing material, so that we can effectively market the development in the near future.

Please find the most recent images of the development below (as of January 2020):