The new four-part series documents the billion pound Manchester property boom and follows the people at the heart of it.

The BBC programme which aired on August 18th has received criticism for its rather shallow investigative approach into one of the most exciting and fastest developing UK cities, but it does make references to an important and growing issue surrounding affordable housing.

Since George Osbourne announced the Northern Powerhouse plan in 2014 the city’s population has doubled and it is set to double again in the next five years.

For those of you who know Manchester well, will know that you don’t need to walk far to notice the sheer volume of building work that has been taking place over the past few years. The city has been shoveling money into the development of eye-wateringly expensive apartment blocks and plush penthouses suits.

The programme follows Manchester-born estate agent Jennie Platt around the city as she scopes out suitable accommodation for her millionaire client, while showcasing the city’s lavish range of high-rise apartments with suitably high-rise prices.

Although Manchester’s luxurious developments have certainly satisfied the demand of wealthy overseas businesspeople, it is however evident that this has now created an even greater void for affordable housing in Manchester, as highlighted by the show.

“For Manchester to be sustainable, we will need to build more affordable housing in the city centre” said Platt.

Property developer Tim Heatley – another key person in the show – also agreed that there is a deficit.

“The donut of development in the city centre is now moving to the outskirts so there needs to be a shift on what kind of property is created, and with that, much more affordable homes” he said.

The House Crowd is committed to help fund the development of high quality, affordable housing projects across the North West via our peer-to-peer lending platform, and is proud to have played a key role in Manchester’s current offering.

The TV series is drawing eyes to the North West, which is great, but it’s time that more resources were directed into more affordable housing projects which serve a wider group of people.

It’s hoped that with the recent bold planning process reforms and the government’s pledge to ramp up the delivery of new homes, we could now see the tide turning in favour of more affordable homes being built in the North West and across the whole country. Let’s hope so.

Photo Credit: Source: Lowefoto / Alamy Stock Photo