Streets paved with Gold

As Britain goes Olympic crazy, and the torch continues its route through many a village, town, river and city, we thought it an appropriate time to share with you some quirky statistics we read recently in the news, in light of the looming Olympics. Research…

Crowdfunding Here To Stay

As we’ve previously stated, the term, ‘crowdfunding’ is currently all over the media, and as the Telegraph’s own Monty Munford, rightly observed in his article this week, ‘Crowdfunding really is hot’ and he couldn’t be closer to the truth! According to www.crowdfunding.org there will be…

The changing face of property

You don’t need to be a property expert to spot the differences between new build properties and those which have stood firm for decades. With modernity comes change however, but what continues to monopolise the changing face of property is the level of home ownership….