With peer-to-peer lending, individuals provide unsecured loans to those in need of finance, rather than saving their money in a bank or building society. Though quite a recent phenomenon in the UK, peer-to-peer lending is predicted to continue to grow rapidly, especially as the reputations of our high street banks continue to be damaged by seemingly unremitting revelations of malpractice.

Peer-to-peer lending websites, such as Zopa, Yes-secure and Ratesetter have already achieved significant success, with more than £200m estimated to have been lent through Zopa since its inception in 2005.

Whilst peer-to-peer lending has the benefit of cutting out money-grabbing middlemen, the risk of reintermediation is becoming an increasingly likely problem. As peer-to-peer lending companies grow, their marketing, regulatory and operational costs increase, which could potentially cause companies such as Zopa, Yes-secure and Ratesetter to lose the benefits which currently sets them apart from traditional banks.

Despite recent Government support, only time will tell whether peer-to-peer lending will become a norm of borrowing and lending in the UK. Here at The House Crowd, we support the practice of peer-to-peer lending, but would remind those lending their funds that with us you can get a very good return on your money and need do nothing at all!

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