We were pleased to read this week the GMB union, which represents over 600,000 workers across the public and private sectors is calling for stronger penalties from the Government against landlords who leave their properties empty.

A review into housing across the UK has revealed 4.2% of homes are currently unoccupied in the North West, whilst large cities in the North of England, including Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Bradford, are those most affected by empty homes, despite soaring population rises recorded during the past decade. The GMB union said such a large number of empty dwellings at a time when there is acute pressure on the housing market signaled that there are not enough penalties in place against leaving a property vacant.

We think this is a great idea, as it will help tackle the plethora of empty run down properties in the UK, which currently stands at over 900,000. Not only will the penalties encourage private landlords to bring their properties back in to use, a change in the law could benefit landlords with occupied properties in areas blighted by empty homes, by helping to raise property prices and rents and making the area generally more desirable.

At the House Crowd, our ethos is to make money for our investors; however, we are also proud of the fact that we breathe new life into properties that others have left to rot and fall into disrepair.

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