The House Crowd are proud home owners and will happily graft throughout the night to ensure that the property is of the highest standard and suitable to live in. See we’re not just crowdfunding specialists; we’re also property management specialists.

It’s natural for everyone to want the best home and garden, but sadly, there a few things that can get in the way of that such as money and the typical British weather which really can dampen things (no pun intended). The House Crowd are hitting our 100th property investment mark, which is phenomenal. We’ll be celebrating this occasion as you can probably imagine, and so will our crowdfunding property investors no doubt. Everyone seems to be going crowdfunding crazy at the moment, including the cool gift website Firebox!

We love adding little touches here and there to our crowdfunding homes, and we always keep an eye out on the latest décor trend. At the moment, artificial grass seems to be the popular choice, so we might just give this one a go. You never know, we might include it in our 100th crowdfunding property…

It’s just 37 days until Christmas, which is pretty scary! The Manchester Markets are up, which we love and if you’re still deciding on the perfect present to give to someone, then how about becoming a property investor?

The House Crowd is a property investment organisation that you can rely on; so begin your crowdfunding journey with us today. And if you have any ideas for the property that you would like to share with us, whether it’s adding artificial grass to the lawn in the garden, or building a downstairs toilet, just let us know. We’re always eager to listen to your ideas.