If you’re a member, you will have already received our latest property investment information announcing that House Crowd Project 003, on Old Lane, Little Hulton is on the market for sale. Hooray!!!

The property was purchased this year in May for £39,000 and after £15,000 of refurbishment costs, a great deal of blood, sweat and tears – Ok,  maybe not the blood part, and some major issues (all resolved now!) it has been given a new lease of life and is currently on the market and expected to sell for £72,000, an estimated 25% ROI after costs. Not bad hey!

When dealing with property – especially with repossessed property – there are plenty of problems and setbacks. Of course, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it, and that’s why we are here – to deal with the problems that inevitably arise and let you get on with your life free of the hassle.

You can see before and after pictures of Old Lane on our Facebook page – We’ve also added a few snaps of our very own Managing Director, Frazer Fearnhead, sleeves rolled up, getting his hands dirty, applying the finishing touches to the house.