So how do people perceive the future of property investing in these interesting times?

The two most important factors for people investing in property in 2013, according to a recent survey, are a stable income and a boost to insufficient pension provision.

“Landlord Today” also reported that confidence in the UK market is robust, with ¾ of property investors stating they intend to buy additional buy to let properties over the next 12 months, as low savings rates and returns on the stock market means property investment compares very favourably with income from other investments.

Many involved in property investing  are taking a long-term view, with 65% stating that rental income for retirement is their main motivation, followed by long-term capital growth (27%).  Just 8% of respondents cited short-term capital growth as their reason for investing. 68% of people surveyed claimed they are achieving gross rental yields of at least 6%, but only 20% achieving 9% yields or higher.

Only 5% felt that property prices have further to fall.  We suspect they have all been spending too much time reading The Daily Mail.