www.investortoday.co.uk reported this week, the average age of Britons being able to purchase a property is now a staggering 37 years old. The research, carried out by www.moneysupermarket.com also revealed that a massive 41% don’t intend to buy a home at all “ that’s over 8 million of us.

With the number of mortgage products available to first-time buyers dropping by almost 190 products since this time last year, and the average LTV for FTB’s standing at a whopping 78%, we at www.http://thehousecrowd.com/ think something needs to be done to help our younger generations get on the, now aspirational, property ladder.

Property Investment For First-time Buyers

We highlighted in our blog last week the opportunity for first-time buyers to invest in property with us as an effective and profitable alternative to traditional savings products. And as Clare Francis of moneysupermarket.com has found, with 40% of FTB’s stating they will rent until they have saved enough for their deposit, and a hopeful 6% saying they will play the lottery in order to gather that deposit, there has never been a more important time for FTB’s to find the best savings tools on the market.

As a property investment group offering low investment and high returns of at least 6% per annum, we challenge any first time buyer to find a better savings plan than ours!