Over the last year or so, crowdfunding has taken over the world and without sounding big headed, The House Crowd played a huge part in it with by introducing the world’s first property investment crowdfunding company. Crowdfunding has become one of the most popular ways to climb the property ladder and invest your money in bricks and mortar. It’s not really a huge surprise when you think about it with the poor savings you get from the banks and tough lending criteria faced by people wanting to review investment capital.

Crowdfunding has helped to give investors the confidence and extra boost buying power needed to step onto the property ladder, as well as open the door to future opportunities to own a share in high yielding. Property investment crowdfunding has encouraged and influenced other crowdfunding platforms, so all in all, crowdfunding is a winner!

The House Crowd are FCA regulated (Financial Conduct Authority), which means your investment will be secure and we’re a property investment crowdfunding company that you can trust and rely on. We aim to keep our property investment portfolio updated, whilst offering our investors a diverse range of properties to invest in Greater Manchester. We do all grafting and the refurbishing to ensure the properties have high quality living standards, as well as adding extra value to them. So you wouldn’t have to worry about getting hold of the decorators or any tradesmen, because we do all of that.

So take a look at our latest crowdfunding property investment projects on our website today or download your free information pack for more information about how our crowdfunding company works.