FT Indicates UK Rental Market will continue to Grow

It’s usual for newspapers to focus on negative reasons for rental demand: people prevented from getting on the property ladder by evil speculators; governments prioritising missiles over new houses; that sort of thing. So, it’s timely that the Financial Times has a piece, reminding us that for many people renting is a positive choice and not always borne out of necessity. And, they predict the UK and Europe is becoming more like the US market, the world’s largest market for rented properties. While the article focuses primarily on professional landlords, details like a report saying institutional investors have set aside 30bn pounds to invest in the UK’s rental sector can only be more good news for property investors. When people commit such capital, you can be certain it’s backed by assiduous research indicating that rental demand will continue to rise in the UK. Read the full feature here: access to FT articles for non-subscribers will entail just answering a couple of questions..we hope!



How one Woman Built Her Property Empire

Such positive predications about the UK rental market may tempt non-property investors to get started, but where to begin? Other people’s personal journeys from wage slave to property tycoon can be illustrative. Take Mandy St John Davey, who now owns a 3m property portfolio. You can read how she went from being curious about property to custodian of property on the fabatfity blog here



The Easy Route to Becoming a Property Investor

Of course, should you not have sufficient funds, or time, to focus on property empire-building, there is a no-hassle, cheap route to becoming a property investor…by joining the House Crowd of course. Details here for those of you yet to take up this opportunity, and the chance to register to receive investments to peruse right into your mailbox.


Right to Buy Sell-offs Under Attack

Here at The House Crowd, our ethos is taking your pain and trouble out of property investing. And, the same ethos applies to our news round-ups. We rummage through the media rubbish bins to find the best things thrown out, so you don’t have to. And, this week’s most shared winner was The Independent who clearly pressed the right buttons among the Facebooking, Twittering brigades with their story about a shortfall in council house rebuilds. According to The Indy, only one in ten homes sold off under the government’s Right to Buy policy has been replaced by a new home. Despite the government pledging all homes sold would in fact be replaced.  To join the tut-tutting, read the following.



Go East for Best Property Price Rises

Elvis apparently had the right idea in his song, Go East Young Man. At least, for property investors, given reports this week.  The Office of National Statistics (ONS) says that house prices are rising faster in the east of England than anywhere else, including the usual suspect, London. The ONS reports that the typical home – whatever that is – gained by 8.3% between July 2014 and July 2015. This is compared to a UK average of 5.2%.  The absence of any analysis about why this inflation is most prominent in the east of England leads one to conjecture that it may be the commuter belt of the east that is driving buoyancy in the face of prohibitive house prices in the capital.

You can download a PDF from the ONS about the House Price Index 2015 here

And read a report on it from the BBC below: –