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Well it’s been a busy week for Real Estate Crowdfunding News articles and just as we are getting ready for Halloween! Frazer has even begun to get all dressed up as you will see later in this article!

Today we look at an array of stories from an American case study of how real estate crowdfunding deals are gaining momentum to looking at a crowdfunding reality tv show.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Deals Are Gaining Momentum


When it comes to crowdfunding investments, real estate in particular is really starting to gain momentum with the amount of money raised, size of deals and the speed at which they occur — at times in a matter of hours — has steadily increased, which is suggesting that real estate crowdfunding in the U.S. is maturing according to one industry executive.

More people have been drawn into this increasingly crowded space which offers an array of platforms that are leading the crowdfunding real estate sector which has raised over a billion dollars last year. According to CNBC, by the end of this year, that figure is expected to almost triple, up $2.57 billion worldwide.

It seems that the main appeal in the U.S. for investing in real estate crowdfunding is that many are very conscious on how they spend their money and crowdfunding can give them opportunities even during recession periods. One mentioned that investors need a place to live in both good and bad times. Read more from this article by clicking here.


South Africa – property crowdfunding comes to the Rainbow Nation


Influenced by North America and Europe where property crowdfunding is in full swing; The Rainbow Nation has started to taken an interest in the concept as before South African investors could only invest in offshore investments.

CEO of Wealth Migrate Scott Picken mentioned that crowdfunding is still relatively unknown in South Africa might be a hard job to entice new investors, however, he admits like every disruptor in the technology space, build trust and then the credibility will soon follow. Crowdfunding not just for South Africa but for the continent as a whole is becoming a necessity.

Do you have an interest in both Africa and crowdfunding? We recommend reading this BBC article.


Hip hotel boosted from crowdfunding


Crowdfunding is being used to help raise funds in order to transform a historic building which is located in San Francisco’s mid-market neighbourhood into a hip Yotel chain hotel.

The project is a joint venture with Kuwaiti company AQARAT and New York based real estate company Synapse Development Group. If the project goes according to plan, the current office building that will become a 203 room hotel will be San Francisco’s first ever crowdfunded hotel – which is located close to Uber and Twitter. Watch more here.


Crowdfunding Reality Game Show Airs on Dave


MoneyPit which starts tomorrow at 19:30 on Dave and is hosted by comedian Jason Manford, sees amateur investors and total strangers to put their hard earned cash on the line in the quest to back businesses that they strongly believe in.

Each contestant can invest between £100-£20,000 and in return they can receive a share of the business they are interested in. The reality game show also features entrepreneurs in a real pit as they battle it out to grab potential investors’ cash.

Gameshow host Jason Manford has described the show as a mix of Dragons’ Den, Deal or No Deal, and Gogglebox. Will you be watching tonight?


Just because it is Halloween… Britain’s spookiest street names revealed and how much it costs to live in them


The spookiest street names in Britain have been revealed! If you are not a fan of creepy crawlies you might want to avoid Spiders Lane in Exmouth, Goblins Green in Welwyn Garden City and Bat Alley in Sturminster Newton.

Top of the scariest names in Britain were Spook Hill in Dorking, Crackle Street in Rye, and Cauldron Crescent in Swanage.

So how much does it cost to live down a scary street? Click here if you dare 😉

Happy Halloween everyone. ?



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