The number of “Silver Landlords” investing in housing properties is increasing by the day and The House Crowd has also witnessed a growth in older adults registering with our crowdfunding property investments projects.

Recent research from Direct Line for Business has indicated that 32% of adults aged 45 to 64 would consider using a proportion of their pension pot, if not the whole lot, to invest in a buy-to-let property across the UK. This is due to those looking to retire and pensioners having more access to their pension pot, resulting in more control of their money.

The property investments market is growing in popularity and with property prices and rent costs rising; it’s understandable why people are looking to invest their money in this area to receive high returns. It aids in providing regular income and capital appreciation, therefore, setting up a net for the future. Survey results also highlighted that;

  • 45% of silver landlords would consider property investments for regular income,
  • 23% would see it as a security of investment,
  • 17% would accept capital appreciation,
  • 9% would leave it as inheritance for their loved ones.

From April 2015, more access will be made available for pensioners and those looking to retire.

So if you are looking to join the silver landlords or you’re looking for ways to spend your pension money in the future, then considering property investments with The House Crowd is a wise decision to make.