It looks like all that money saved for Dry January has resulted in a record breaking crowdfunding, property investment phenomena! Sadly it was all a little too much for our poor website, causing it to have a wee meltdown or a tantrum! But all is good and well; we managed to have a quiet word and calmed things down, so apologies for anyone who was unable to get on The House Crowd’s website Friday morning.

So what was all the fuss about? Well, we had an emergency property investment that we eagerly needed to get funded. HCP113 was the crowdfunding property investment that caused Friday’s mayhem. It was a corporate sale (repossession), so we needed to move quickly on it. Without going into too much detail, the conveyancing was already underway and the contracts needed to be exchanged by 28th January and the whole property investment to be completed on 7th February. Fortunately, it was done within minutes and everyone over at The House Crowd gave a huge sigh of relief. The property was bought for £47,500, but once the full refurbishment is complete, it should add an extra 20% onto the house, with an estimated annual return of 16.8%. Not bad, not bad at all.

Now, don’t stamp your feet because you missed it out on this property, The House Crowd have plenty more available which you can check out on our website. We will never have a dry spell of crowdfunding property investments. Who said January was full of misery? Not The House Crowd that’s for sure!