It’s happened! The House Crowd has reached their 99th property, which means we are one more crowdfunding, property investments project away from reaching our milestone of 100 properties and just in time for Christmas too!

As you can tell, we’re all getting a little giddy here at The House Crowd. We’re so, so close to reaching our 100th crowdfunding property, we’ve gone beyond hitting our fundraising targets, and we’ve won and been nominated for various awards this year. We still have three weeks left until 2014 draws to an end and 2015 opens a new chapter. It’s all very exciting, and to be honest, we’re just glad that The House Crowd has been able to help so many people climb the ladder and involve themselves in property investments across Manchester.

We’ve made a huge difference in the buy-to-let market, taken into consideration any significant changes made to the housing and property market, and made the whole property investments process a whole lot easier. Well we think so anyway. Our services have been recognised on a national basis, and we’re even getting interest from abroad too!

So, whilst we’ll be sticking a flake in our 99er that we get from the ice cream van to go with our 99th crowdfunding property, you should download our FREE online information pack that has everything you need to know about The House Crowd and how our property investments works. End the year on a high note and start the New Year with a fresh goal in mind.