As Britain goes Olympic crazy, and the torch continues its route through many a village, town, river and city, we thought it an appropriate time to share with you some quirky statistics we read recently in the news, in light of the looming Olympics.

Research from property website, found that when it comes to property prices, they really are ranked in the same order as they would appear on the Olympic medal podium – Gold, Silver and Bronze. The survey revealed that having Gold, Silver or Bronze in your property’s address, truly does affect the property’s value.

Those with a street name containing the word ‘Gold’ currently stands at £280,114, compared to £224,786 for streets with ‘Silver’ in the name and £198,537 for those with ‘Bronze’ in the title. You could say some of Britain’s most expensive houses, truly are pebbledashed with gold!! Furthermore, the gold names are not only more expensive but they are also much rarer, as there are only 61 streets with ‘Gold’ in the address, compared to a staggering 559 streets lined with ‘Silver’ across the UK.

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