The Super Bowl XLIX took place last night and lasted until about 3am GMT. We tried to watch as much of it as we could, but our eyes were hinting at us to go to bed. The Seattle Seahawks were on the cusp of winning the trophy for the second consecutive year running after Jermaine Kearse’s epic catch. Sadly, the New England Patriots swooped on in with a comeback and took the Super Bowl trophy for the fourth time. The final score for the Super Bowl XLIX ended with New England Patriots 28 – Seattle 24. Next year, we’ll try better to watch the full shebang.

It’s hard to stay up for the Super Bowl when you have to be up early the next day for work, and booking the following day off seems a bit much. Maybe when we’ve retired, we can stay up to watch it. Speaking of retiring, have you thought of ways to keep your retirement fund busy ready for the big day? Take property investment for example. It’s an alternative to a pension and another source for financial security, something we all want.

Recent statistics show that annuity levels have hit a low point and you’d have to live until 90 to get value for money and with life expectancy increasing, it’s pushing annuity rates down even further. Take this for example, a 65-year-old man with £30,000 to invest in an annuity would receive £1,719 a year for the rest of his days and after 17.5 years, the original investment sum (£30k) would be paid back, but if he died before he would have lost out financially. In other words, he would either make no money apart from the £30k he originally invested, or he’d lose his money. Now, if say he invested with The House Crowd through our crowdfunding property investment method, he would receive £2,250 per year for the rest of his life (no matter how long that is) with our 7.5% income only product. I know which property investment option we would choose.

That 30% more income is not only your property investment money coming back to you, but with a nice profit on the side. So with all that said, download our FREE online information pack over on our website today, have a read of case studies and register with The House Crowd for exclusive news and new property investment projects.