The House Crowd remains committed to its social mission of providing quality housing for people at the lower end of the market despite a recent report highlighting that many landlords may avoid taking benefit claimants as their tenants due to fears over non-payment.

Sky News recently reported that data from the National Landlords Association (NLA) indicated a 50% fall in the number of landlords renting to benefit claimants.

According to Sky’s coverage, the key factor in this reduction was fears over rent payments being met based on some landlords experiencing rent arrears among tenants on benefits.

Changes in the delivery of council benefits is cited as pivotal in presenting problems for tenants meeting payments.

But The House Crowd remains resolute in support of social housing. That the houses we refurbish to high standards as part of our  property investment fund help those in need as well as delivering healthy returns for our investors.

We also predicted early in 2013 that the Universal Credit Scheme, which combines six means tested payments into one monthly payment, was patently unworkable.

The scheme, hallmarked for a full roll-out in 2017, is woefully behind target – illustrated by figures released alongside the Autumn Statement that showed only 400,000 would be on the scheme by 2014-15 against a target of 4.5m – and remains inherently problematic.