The Latest Crowdfunding News – 27/4/16

Crowdfunding News – All The Latest Updates

Hi guys and welcome to another fortnightly edition of the latest crowdfunding news from the UK and around the world. Today we start our crowdfunding journey from looking at a government backed crowdfunding scheme for cultural organisations to ending our trip on a golf course in Scotland! If you missed our last crowdfunding news round-up, catch up here.


Government To Pilot Crowdfunding Scheme For Cultural Organisations

The Culture White Paper

The Government has announced that it is to pilot a crowdfunding scheme to promote use of the model by cultural organisations. (UK Fundraising, April 2016)

The pilot scheme was mentioned in the government’s white paper for culture which was launched by Minister for Culture Ed Vaizey last month. The white paper for culture focuses on two specific areas, 1) to focus on increasing participation in culture and 2) helping cultural organisations secure funding from sources other than public funding.

The white paper mentions that the Government will launch a new pilot scheme in partnership with the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund and will use crowdfunding as a tool for funding cultural projects.

According to the paper, donation-based crowdfunding grew the fastest among all alternative finance models in 2015, with a 507 per cent year-on-year growth rate and £12 million distributed. (UK Fundraising, April 2016)

Image source : UK Fundraising


Australian Crowdfunding Bill Fails

Australia Crowdfunding

We’ve previously mentioned about Australian crowdfunding on past crowdfunding news blog posts (in one of our posts from March we looked at crowdfunding legislation for start-ups).

In addtion, in our March blog post we looked at new legislation that allows unlisted public companies to raise money through crowdfunding from mum and dad investors which was approved by the lower house.

However, the Crowd-Sourced Funding bill, Australia’s push for a legislative update for investment crowdfunding regulations, has silently died in the Aussie Senate as mentioned in a recent Crowdfund Insider article.

Tom Nockolds from the Community Power Agency who was part of approving the legislation process mentioned in Crowdfund Insider : “If the legislation had passed in its proposed form, there would have been a lot of backslapping within government saying, isn’t it wonderful we’ve solved the crowd-sourced equity funding problem and we don’t have to address that anymore, when actually it would have only been half the job done at most.”

It seems for now that regulations will take a back seat as the Australian government focuses on policy initiatives based on the country’s fintech scene.


World’s Most Crowdfunded Restaurant Opens In Manchester

Chilango Manchester

From leaving the southern hemisphere to now travelling back to sunny Manchester for some Mexican food!

The London-born Mexican eatery Chilango has opened its 11th UK restaurant in Manchester’s Oxford Street after raising £3.4m from crowdfunding.

The Mexican eatery was created by Chicago-born Eric Partaker, and travel enthusiast Dan Houghton; a pair of passionate entrepreneurs who had an idea and watched their business grow rapidly.

Partaker told Business Quarter : “We’ve been desperate to expand our brand across the UK for some time now, and Manchester was the natural move up into the north for us.”

He also mentioned that Manchester was a perfect place for the brand as it has a fantastic buzz just like their Mexican restaurant.

At The House Crowd, unfortunately we can’t help you crowdfund your very own restaurant, however, we can offer you some handy Manchester guides (North and Central).

Image source : Business Quarter


More People Turning To Crowdfunding To Cover Trips Abroad In U.S.

Crowdfunding Travel

A recent survey from GoFundMe showed that there has been an increase in people using their site to help them raise money to go on trips. Six years ago, there were 135 campaigns with the goal of going abroad. Last year, there were more than 130,000.

Laniya Hooks, a senior in high school, is one of the people turning to crowdfunding to raise money for a trip to Europe. She is going to Spain, France and Italy. It’s a 19 day adventure with People to People where she will meet others abroad, help them and learn about their cultures. (WIVB, April 2016)

She decided to go on her trip a few months back, however, her father and grandmother passed away suddenly, which left the family with a lot of financial difficulties.

The 17 year old student from Buffalo decided to use crowdfunding to help her fund her trip.

Hooks told WIVB : “It’s kind of intriguing to me to see how people will help somebody they don’t even know achieve their dream, “I think it’s cool that people are helping. I chose GoFundMe because — I’ve never used it before — but I saw it work for somebody else so I thought well maybe I will give it a try and see what it’s like.”

The Buffalo student has so far raised $300, her goal is to reach $2900. If you want to help Laniya fund her trip, get involved here.


The UK’s Most Western Golf Club Turns To Crowdfunding

Golf Scotland Crowdfunding

One for all you golf lovers out there! The UK’s most westerly golf course, Barra Golf Club, on the west coast of the Isle of Barra, in the western isles of Scotland, has turned to the internet in an attempt to raise about £30,000 for a much-needed clubhouse. (Golf Club Management, April, 2016)

The club was formed in the early 90’s and is run with little financial support, other than membership fees and an honesty box. A few months back, the second green collapsed due to erosion. In addition, the nine-hole course that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean provides no shelter for players.

Club volunteers need help to fund a small clubhouse which will provide warmth and shelter, a kitchen, WC facilities and storage. Funding for the clubhouse will also help youngsters who are keen golfers on the island. Club captain Murdoch MacKinnon mentioned in Golf Club Management : “These youngsters are the future of the club. If we don’t get some kind of clubhouse built, I fear it will close and that would be a huge shame and a big loss to the island.”

Last year in Germany, a golf club raised €500,000 from crowdfunding which helped expand its facilities.

Have an interest in golf and crowdfunding want to help the Barra Golf Club? If so, get involved here.

Image source : Crowdfunder



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The Latest Crowdfunding News – 2/3/16

Crowdfunding News – All The Latest Updates

Hi guys and welcome to our fortnightly crowdfunding news edition, as usual we will be covering an array of interesting crowdfunding topics from around the world in five minutes. If you missed our last edition, you can catch up here. Today, we once again clock up the air miles from travelling to Canada via Kenya to ending our crowdfunding journey in Bradford.


UK Crowdfunding – A Worldbeater For Start-Ups

Crowdfunding News

The University of Cambridge and Nesta have just published their report on the progress made by the online alternative finance sector during 2015. (Huffington Post, February, 2016).

The report’s findings indicated that equity crowdfunding saw very considerable growth during 2015, increasing from £84 million in 2014 to £332 million and property which also featured in this segment accounted for £87 million of equity finance.

It was also revealed that £245 million of pure venture finance came from crowdfunding platforms such as Seedrs and Crowdcube. The platforms were estimated to have collectively raised 15.6 per cent of all venture funding in the UK. This really is an amazing achievement and puts the UK on the map for starting a business.

A key point from The University of Cambridge and Nesta is that by having full access to finance will allow SMEs to create jobs. The Huffington Post mentions that 60 per cent of people employed in the private sector work for small businesses and access to finance for them is vital for the UK’s future prosperity and growth.


LSE Research Backs Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Research

From The University of Cambridge and Nesta’s research to now looking at research conducted by the LSE on crowdfunding.

LSE professors Saul Estrin and Susanna Khavul believe investors in crowdfunding campaigns behave in an ‘economically rational’ way, and whilst they do collaborate there’s no evidence of a ‘stampede effect’ among investors. (Proactive Investors, February 2016)

The professors have spent two years conducting analysis of data gathered from the Crowdcube platform and have used a qualitative approach in gaining investors thoughts on crowdfunding.

Crowdcube founder Luke Lang mentions that “The findings quash concerns that the crowd is made up of naïve ‘dabblers’ who stampede into supporting pitches that seem popular or cool.” (Proactive Investors, February 2016)

He stressed that the concept of crowdfunding is a rational marketplace mechanism where both investors and entrepreneurs come together and share their expertise that leads to the crowd to make well-informed decisions.

Interested in Estrin and Khavul’s research? Read more here.


Help Kenya, Not Kanye Campaign Boosts Canadian Charity


Help Kenya Not Kanye

U.S. rapper Kanye West’s plea for help with his supposed $53-million personal debt might instead lead to more donations for a African charity, based in Edmonton, Canada.

A couple of weeks ago, West pleaded for help with his finances on Twitter and even asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for money!

He even made a shocking statement on social media that money spent funding his music is a better investment than opening “one school in Africa,” which he said wouldn’t really help “the country.” (CBC News, February 2016)

After making this outrageous comment, a former Kanye fan, Gabriel Ferrer, created his very own crowdfunding site called “Help Kenya, Not Kanye.” The public can donate money to 10 charities that help people in the east African country.

Todd Lorentz, the managing director of One Child’s Village stated in CBC News “What a sort of creative, brilliant idea of using the play of Kenya and Kanye, those words, to really shine the light on Africa and children and the needs of people in Africa, and specifically in Kenya”.

The Edmonton based charity relies on public donations to support Kenyan children who have been orphaned by HIV. They provide basic needs for the children, such as food, water, education, clothing and uniforms and school books.

Donations have started trickling into the foundation. Lorentz mentioned that the crowdfunding campaign has given the charity a major boost, especially considering donations have been down since the economic downturn in Alberta.

Last year the Canadian charity built a school in the capital Nairobi which currently has 200 students enrolled, and hired 10 local teachers.

Ironically, thanks to Kanye’s outrageous comments, hopefully more schools will be set up in the East African country. Serendipity has been a blessing in disguise for the charity and for the people of Kenya.


New Crowdfunding legislation Will Make It Easier For Australian Startups To Raise Capital

Australia Crowdfunding


New legislation to allow unlisted public companies to raise money through crowdfunding from mum and dad investors has passed through the lower house. (Business Insider Australia, February, 2016)

The bill faced heavy criticism from the opposition and will allow unlisted public companies with less than $5 million in assets and turnover to raise up to $5 million via crowdfunding each year.

Shadow minister for startups Ed Husic disagreed with minister for small businesses, Kelly O’Dwyer’s statement (who mentioned that the bill will help start-ups and other small businesses that may have difficulty accessing equity funding) and stated concerns around red tape, particularly the need for startups to become an unlisted public company if they wished to raise funds from using crowdfunding.

Mr. Husic mentioned that the opposition would propose changes to the crowdfunding laws after he had reviewed the final report.

If you would like to know more about crowdfunding in Australia, check out one of our previous crowdfunding blogs which features Australian property crowdfunding. click here.


Bantams Turn To Crowdfunding For Redevelopment


Bradford City Crowdfunding

League One side Bradford City has launched a crowdfunding campaign to redevelop its Coral Windows Stadium (aka Valley Parade).

The crowdfunding campaign, set up through ‘football fan-funding’ site Tifosy, is aiming to raise £250,000 to improve the facilities at the Coral Windows stadium from seat refurbishments to renovating the players’ changing rooms.

So far the campaign has raised £44,628 and has 52 days left.

Many football league teams have used Tifosy to raise funds, one that sticks out is Portsmouth’s training ground fundraising campaign which raised £270,000.

As much as we love footy at The House Crowd, unfortunately we can’t help you crowdfund your club, however, we can offer you some guides on Manchester (North and Central) and also our South Yorkshire guide. If you’re thinking of investing in these areas and are a footy fan, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to watching quality football! ?


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The Latest Crowdfunding News – 3/2/16

Crowdfunding News – All The Latest Updates

Hi guys and welcome to our fortnightly crowdfunding news edition, as usual we will be covering an array of interesting crowdfunding topics from around the world as well domestic news. If you missed our last edition, you can catch up here.


Axol Biosciences Smashes Its Crowdfunding Target

Axol Bioscience

In our very first crowdfunding blog of 2016 one of the stories we covered was on the biotech industry turning to crowdfunding. We thought we would cover another biotech story since it was announced that Cambridge based firm Axol Bioscience has officially smashed its crowdfunding target.

The biotech firm has already pledged £656,000 to its’ campaign on local crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom. The campaign doesn’t end until the 28th of February and the company is now over-funded up to a total of £1million according to Cambridge News.

So what does Axol do exactly? In a nutshell they make stem cell-derived human cells for use in medical research. Their team of scientists create the stem cells from human blood and skin cells which can then be turned into heart, brain and blood vessel cells for testing new drugs, they hope by applying this approach, it can slash costs for pharmaceutical companies.

Abcam (another biotech firm from Cambridge) founder Dr Jonathan Milner who has pledged £400,000 to the crowdfunding campaign told Cambridge News that “I’m really excited by what the future will hold for Axol due to the colossal market opportunity we’re addressing and how well Yichen (company CEO) and his team have been delivering our plans.”

He goes on to say that initially he intended to invest £200,000 but as he previously mentioned about the colossal market opportunity, he doubled his investment in the biotech firm.

Axol continue to go from strength and have recently hired Professor Chas Bountra to its advisory board.

Professor Bountra will use his array of contacts to help Axol build strong links with the public and private sectors respectively.

Image Source : Cambridge News

An Insight Into First Equity Crowdfunding 2016 Deal In Australia 

Australia Equity Crowdfunding

A global student support platform has raised more than $675,000 through VentureCrowd in the first equity crowdfunding deal in Australia for 2016 according to Start Up Smart.

Zookal, which was founded in Sydney and is now based in Singapore, has raised well over its $500,000 target on the crowdfunding platform. The startup provides a platform offering a variety of services and products for university students.

The campaign has only a couple of days left and has raised $675,000 from 15 wholesale investors, which in total values the company at $US20 million.

Currently in Australia, equity crowdfunding is restricted to what is deemed as a ‘sophisticated investor’ with a net asset of $2.5 million or have an aggregated gross income for each of the last two years of at least $250,000.

The Australian government  revealed its legislation to loosen these restrictions by the end of the year as Start Up Smart mention in their equity crowdfunding article. The legislation places a cap of $5 million on companies who to choose to follow this particular path, plus a $10,000 cap on the amount a retail investor can pledge.

Last year the Labor Party in Australia withdrew its support for the bill as they strongly felt that the startup community had been dealt a “great disservice” by it.

VentureCrowd’s Luke Fay mentioned to Start Up Smart that he hopes the  Australian government will consult with those impacted by the reforms, he stressed that successful campaigns won’t come to a halt as a result of the legislation.

If you would like to know about this story visit Zookal’s site here we also recommend reading OzCrowd’s brief blog post on Equity Crowdfunding in Australia.

Invest In Your Favourite Football Players And Clubs

football investment

Israeli fintech startup Football Fans Marketplace (FBFM) is using crowdfunding for footy fans to feel closer to their players and their clubs.

Israel 21c mention that the online marketplace will allow fans worldwide to invest in their favorite players and clubs. The platform,, is now open for early registration of fans and European clubs that meet FIFA and UEFA conditions and are expected to yield high returns for investors.

Users can build dream football teams, track the teams’ progress and support players and clubs by offering them low-interest long-term loans managed through the platform and really brings fantasy football to an entirely different playing field.

Unfortunately at The House Crowd we can’t help you invest in the latest wonder kid who has been dubbed ‘the new Sergio Agüero’ however, we can offer you at our very own Manchester guides (North and Central) and an ideal place to experience world class football!

You can read more about Football Fans Marketplace here.

Image Source : Israel 21c

Making Manchester Shiiiiiine With Community Energy

manchester crowdfunding

Eighteen organisations from the city have joined in unison to launch Community Energy GM – a project aimed at lighting up the city with community-owned solar power.

Following the recent floods in the North West of England, the issues of climate change and fuel poverty have once again crept up in the news. The project is raising funds for 20 buildings to get brand new solar rooftops – powering their community activities and strengthening ties with local neighbourhoods.

The solar power project was created by the Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisations (GMCVO) and climate change charity 10:10.

Interested in the project? If so, you can find more information on the project, including how to make a donation from £5, at


Shacky Tiny House Startup Supports Aussie Farmers

Shacky Tiny House Crowdfunding

We return once again to Australia and this time look at Shacky introducing holiday tiny houses to rural Australian properties to offer farmers an added source of income.

Twenty-five year-old Dutch native Joep Pennartz founded Shacky­­ after moving to Australia last year and learnt about the hardships being experienced by local farmers.

Pennartz told that the sheer financial stress from decreasing farm income leads to rising depression rates, an ageing farmer population has left rural farmers to leave their land.

The idea of Shacky project is to position tiny houses on rural properties, allowing farmers to generate income from renters who lease the space as holiday accommodation.

The first Shacky house will be located on the Tarndie Farm in The Otways in Victoria and the crowdfunding campaign will run from February 17 to March 28 where people can pledge funds towards the business via the Pozible crowdfunding platform.

For more information on the Shacky houses click here.

Image Source :


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The Latest Crowdfunding News – 9/12/15

Crowdfunding News – All The Latest Updates

Hi guys welcome to our fortnightly edition of our hand-picked crowdfunding news stories from around the globe. It has once again been another busy couple of weeks with quite a few projects from around the world taking place, so many that we can’t fit them into a blog post! If you missed our last crowdfunding news edition you can catch up here. Today we travel to the land of Alf Stewart (If you never watched Home and Away we are talking about Australia!) and looking at property crowdfunding and return back to sunny Manchester to look at a crowdfunded cat cafe! There’s never a dull moment in the crowdfunding world!


Struth Mate Property Crowdfunding Comes To Australia!

Australia Property Crowdfunding

Property crowdfunding has finally came to Australia and the concept has opened up the market to young investors and those with less cash to invest according to ABC News.

Singaporean-based crowdfunding platform CoAssets (who we mentioned in one of our crowdfunding blog posts from last month) see property crowdfunding as the next big thing in the Asia-Pacific region.

Young investors in Australia want to cut out ‘middleman’ banks, accounting firm BDO chairman Sherif Andrawes mentions that “Crowdfunding provides access to a whole new group of investors, this is not the mum and dad investors that the Government likes to talk about, but rather the under 30s.” (ABC News, November 2015).

He makes a valid point that millennials have already been disrupted, as they organise their day to day life via their smart phone or tablet devices. In addition, Andrawes goes on to say that Generation Y shouldn’t experience a jarring change with regards to the way they interact with the world when it comes to investing as a majority have never been to a bank. In essence they are used to taking full control and cutting out a middleman.

Malcolm Turnball and his government are currently working on legislation to allow businesses to crowdsource debt and equity funding.

By introducing both tight and transparent regulations in place, the smaller investor may be able to get a bigger bang for their buck than they do at the moment with the banks. Moreover, the ramifications can lead to stimulating more transactions and help sustain the economy further.

Property crowdfunding investment steers away from the banks, Andrawes predicts that it will be long before they climb onboard. He thinks that in the next five years that Australian banks will own a lot of crowdfunding ventures.


How Crowdfunding Has Changed Property Investing in the U.S.

Real Estate Crowdfunding America

Although crowdfunding is still in its infancy, property crowdfunding in America has rapidly changed the way people in invest in property.

This shift has brought benefits not only for investors but also for real estate companies and for the real estate market as a whole. (Forbes, December 2015).

Property crowdfunding on the other side of the pond has become easier for investors due to legislation such as Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act in 2012, some of the previous barriers were removed and smaller businesses and start-ups were now eligible to raise capital and advertise their offerings in more of an open way than ever before.

As Nav Athwal points out in his recent article on property crowdfunding for Forbes, the beauty of crowdfunding is that instead of having to rely on connections to pinpoint property deals and having to put $100,000 or more into a single deal, investors can access these deals from the convenience of their mobile devices. He goes onto say that as CEO and founder of RealtyShares he has experienced first hand how easily first time and veteran property investors have found this new approach. As well as having better access, property crowdfunding appeals to many as investors can start investing with as little as $1,000.

If you would like to know more about the property crowdfunding process we recommend visiting our Crowdfunding Process page.

In addition, if you would like to know about real estate crowdfunding in the U.S. this Google Plus Hangout with the CEO of RealityMogul is worth watching to gain a further insight.

Image Source : Wharton University of Pennsylvania


Crowdfunding App Tilt Sets its Eyes on the UK

Tilt App

Mobile crowdfunding app Tilt is looking to bring crowdfunding to the mobile masses in the UK after a successful launch in the US. (Harder Blogger Faster, December 2015).

The crowdfunding app which is available on both iOS and Android is currently outpacing both GoFundMe and Kickstarter.

The function of the app is for groups of friends to pool money together for a group goals such as fundraising or funding a trip for example.

Legendary U.S. rapper Nas used the app to crowdfund money for Stanley Young, an unemployed construction worker and single father whose house was destroyed by fire in 2013. The Brooklyn born rapper raised $64,000 from using Tilt for the father of eight.

Talking of apps keep your eyes peeled for our very own House Crowd app!


Image Source : Harder Blogger Faster


Crowdfunding Predictions for 2016

Crowdfunding 2016

This year has definitely been an exciting year in the world of crowdfunding and also for ourselves from featuring on Dragon’s Den to celebrating our 150th funded project.

But what’s in store for crowdfunding in 2016?

Smarter Crowdfunding – A lot of people are taking a closer interest in what is happening in crowdfunding and how the industry works, and this will continue into 2016. Research from one crowdfunding company showed that crowdfunding investors are highly educated and make rational decisions. They also mention that in 2016 a lot more investors will be investing in larger sums.

More Partnering – It is rumoured that there will be more partnering between so-called alternative investment, traditional investment and major brands. (Bdaily, December 2015). We have already seen this year with Crowdcube and Amazon Launchpad, so watch this space for larger and exciting partnerships next year!

Bigger companies will take interest – Attitudes from bigger companies will change and the will see the light. A few analysts reckon that crowdfunding will become more mainstream rather than a form of alternative investment. This year we have seen companies such as Brewdog raise 10 million pounds with their crowdfunding campaign and can definitely see in 2016 that bigger brands will crowdfund from looking at these standout campaigns.

Investments will be bigger – As previously mentioned, 2016 is predicted to see larger investments. In Bdaily, it was mentioned that over 20 campaigns had raised over a million pounds, firmly placing crowdfunding as a way to secure Series A funding. This trend looks like it will continue next year and we may see crowdfunding become part of more Series B and Series C fundraising.

If you are a fan of watching TED Talks we highly recommend watching Anna Guenther’s talk on how crowdfunding is going to change the world.


Crowdfunded Kitty Cat Cafe In Manchester

crowdfunding cat cafe manchester

Sisters Ellie and Sarah Close have set up a crowdfunding campaign in order to open their very own cat cafe in the city centre.

Ellie and Sarah hope their unusual venture will draw in hundreds of cat fans, the idea of the cat cafe is that it will act as a sanctuary offering customers some much needed relaxation and stress relief.

Customers will be able to learn about the breeds and about the individual cats. They’ll even have their own Twitter profiles!

Cat Cafe visitors will be invited to grab a coffee and snuggle up with a cat on comfy sofas and beanbags.

In addition, for a small fee, customers will be able to spend time in the café whilst enjoying snacks and unlimited drinks, free Wi-fi, computers, television and video games (we like the sound of this!).

The sisters are currently seeking £15,000 funding to kit out the cat café with climbing frames, bedding and water fountains, if you are a huge cat fan and are interested, you can view their campaign here.

Unfortunately, at The House Crowd we can’t offer you the chance of having a coffee with your very own Mr Snuggles BUT we can offer you some guides on Manchester (North and Central) and also our South Yorkshire guide. For our southern friends what do you think about our project in Wembley?


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