The Crowdfunding Message Is Spreading!

We enjoy looking back over our early blog messages just to see how very far we have come since those days. Crowdfunding has become absolutely huge over the last few years, and property crowdfunding is taking the lion’s share of the proceeds of this multi-billion pound industry. We are absolutely thrilled to have been the company that started it all.

Being the first property crowdfunding platform, it’s no surprise that our Founder and MD, Frazer Fearnhead, is perhaps the one person who knows most about property crowdfunding. His background in Law was what got him started, and combined with his passion for property, The House Crowd has continued to gather momentum year on year.

Just to give you a taste of some of our early press exposure, here’s a quote from the blog from 3rd September 2012:

The buzz about crowdfunding is growing, it’s getting to the stage where you can hardly open a newspaper on click on a news website without encountering an article talking about this steadily growing phenomenon for funding new and growing businesses and creative projects. We’re riding a wave!

This weekend there was a full-page feature in The Times on Saturday about crowdfunding and our MD, Frazer, was interviewed yesterday by Connell O’Morain on Dublin’s Today FM Business Show about The House Crowd along with various other people involved in the world of crowdfunding.

Back To The Present:

The House Crowd continues to be the industry’s leading property crowdfunding platform, offering individuals and high net worth investors alike the opportunity to build a diverse property portfolio with a ‘hands-off’ approach not offered by traditional property investment models.

Our investment opportunities have allowed people a way to invest their money with potentially much higher returns than what is available through savings accounts and other investment channels. Though we are obliged to tell you that there is still risk involved with this form of property investment, the potential returns speak for themselves. As with any investment, you still need to assess your situation and risk tolerance before proceeding.

However, for those who take the leap, many are finding a way to grow their money in the lucrative world of property, without the costs of fees and maintenance, or the large financial outlay involved in purchasing whole properties for a portfolio.

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