We came across an intriguing read amongst the pile of predictions and analysis of the Premier League kick off last weekend.

A study by Halifax has discovered that property prices near Premier League football clubs have increased much faster than average over the past decade. Whilst this statistic may at first suggest devoted fandom, it is worth noting that four of the five Premier League postal districts with the biggest house price increases are home to stadiums built in the last 15 years.

Property prices close to current Premier League champions Manchester City’s home, the former 2002 Commonwealth Games arena, soared by an average of 271 per cent – far beyond that of any other stadium. For those familiar with the Commonwealth Games Sportcity complex in the Medlock Valley, Manchester, this steep rise in house prices won’t come as a huge surprise. A long-term plan for environmental improvements, community programmes and easy links from city to stadium has evidently now come to fruition.

Whilst the recent success of the blue side of Manchester will have no doubt driven more crowds and trade to the Sportcity complex, a housing expert will tell you it is the well-planned development of local services that are the prevailing reason for such a significant jump in house prices.

At the House Crowd, we take great care when investing in a property to evaluate all we can about the local area – from earmarked developments to local schools, transport infrastructure and historical trends. By taking an all encompassing approach, we hope to gauge the rise in value a property may experience and maximise the return for our investors.

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