What’s in store?

Join Frazer Fearnhead and Paul Stallard as they explore a range of thought-provoking issues surrounding the world alternative property investment.

One of many exciting developments currently unfolding at The House Crowd, our brand new ‘The Alternative Investment Podcast- How to make money with secured property investing’ promises a variety of upbeat, bite-sized tidbits that will both educate and entertain.

In the first episode of our very first season, Frazer and Paul discuss the implications of property crowdfunding and how it’s on the fast track to dominating the alternative investment sphere.

Take a listen to the sneak preview below and find out what Frazer really thinks about the banks, and how crowdfunding could change the face of the financial industry.

Where can I find them?

The podcasts will be made available to iTunes so that you can download them and listen to them in your own time.

Alternatively, you will be able to find the podcasts listed on our website where you can browse our library of podcasts as we release them!

What can I learn?

Learn about the ins and outs of alternative property investment, all the while learning exclusive tips and tricks from one of the industry’s most expert individuals. If you have anything that you want to know or have a topic that you would like to discuss, let us know!

When does it start?

The first episode of the ‘Alternative Investment Podcast’ will be available for download on the 6th of April, so keep your eyes peeled!  To make sure that you keep up with the latest podcast releases and updates, make sure that you register here.