Just been watching Bank Of Dave on 4OD. If you haven’t heard about Bank Of Dave, the show is about the inspirational story of Burnley businessman, Dave Fishwick, who decided he would open his own bank to lend to local businesses which had been unable to get badly needed finance from the major banks.

Dave is a like-able, optimistic entrepreneur. The show documents his struggles against the FSA and the establishment and how he refused to be defeated, despite everyone telling him his goal was impossible.  We had very similar issues when we set up The House Crowd. Numerous lawyers and advisors told us the FSA would not allow us to use a crowd funding model for property investment. But we persevered, determined to find a way and luckily we were introduced the the very same lawyers that helped set up Bank Of Dave. They helped us create a workable business model. Big thanks to Chris and Vicky at JMW.