Many people dream of installing a new kitchen, complete with granite worktops, an island unit and an AGA cooker, but how many people know the true value of making sure your kitchen is up to scratch?

Those in the know often say that a kitchen is the deal breaker room when selling a house, it can literally make or break a sale. It is therefore worth carefully planning any kitchen upgrades you undertake. Here are The House Crowd’s top tips to help you get it right:

-          People are too quick to gut their entire kitchen, often they’ll end up refitting units in exactly the same place. This is because the initial design of the kitchen is likely to be the most practical design. Take time to consider what your new layout would be, will it work?  What do you not like about the practical design of your current kitchen, and how can you solve those problems with your new kitchen?

-          Instead of spending a lot of money replacing everything, why not consider quick-fixes? Modernising unit doors and relaying the floor can save a lot of time and money. Large DIY stores have a good range of upgrade solutions and materials.

-          A common complaint people have is a lack of worktop space. Think about how you can make what you have go further, as unless you’re extending a kitchen, a re-design won’t necessarily give you more space. Solutions like microwave brackets, floating shelves, and flat-folding hinged tables can provide more workable space; there are also amazing new space saving idea available with new kitchens, including pull out work tops that can be put away when not in use.

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