One dog walk a day and shopping for essentials only – these are some of the government’s latest curbs to the British people and part of a growing number of new measures to neutralise the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

It seems a lifetime ago when the 2019 general election result brought the UK housing market a long-awaited period of positivity. Months of uncertainty and pent-up demand was projected to transpire into a surge of UK property values and bring everything back on track.

We all know what happened next…

This short-lived stretch of optimism has been well and truly trodden on by the rapidly growing boot of the COVID-19 virus.

Despite a number of big UK housebuilders shutting up shop, Michael Gove has insisted that construction workers should continue working – providing that they, and their employers, apply social distancing measures and common sense to their daily work practices.

The power of the crowd

The stock market has been battered into near submission over recent weeks and has severely impacted large UK-based construction companies and their funding sources.

The nature of crowdfunding however means that companies like The House Crowd operate outside of the stock market and funding is not directly constrained by a global financial crash.

It is in these times that we can appreciate the property crowdfunding model and its importance to the UK economy in a crisis when banks and large institutions wrestle with stock market volatility.

It also shows the importance of spreading your funds into alternative finance products such as peer-to-peer lending and property-backed investments to help mitigate risk in your overall portfolio.

We have to be realistic though, inevitably there will be delays to crowdfunded developments but as a successful peer-to-peer lender and property crowdfunding platform, we can assure you that unprecedented measures are being taken in these unprecedented times to protect our members’ investments.

Let’s see this through

If this situation passes as quickly as the government predicts, the economy – as it always does – will bounce back. And when it does, demand for affordable housing will outstrip supply, developments will sell, and investors’ money will be returned.

All that is required to do is remain calm and positive and see this through. We should all have huge faith in the collective minds pulling together in this country at this very moment to turn the tide of this pandemic.

Bounce back stronger

We have UK-based Formula 1 teams – one of the best examples of British innovation and engineering – coming together right now to pool their incredible insight and resources to help produce 20,000 more ventilators for the NHS.

This is just one of the many examples we could use to demonstrate the capacity and aptitude this country has to grab this situation by the scruff of its neck and bounce back stronger.

If you are investing in property development or peer-to-peer loans, sit tight. Let’s use the power of the crowd to pull together and see this through!