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Welcome to The House Crowd’s week in property, a sometimes serious, sometimes wry look at the week’s property news and views.

Government Pledge a Million New Homes

The biggest story on social media this week was, in theory, good news for wannabe home owners and bad news for property investors: The Government pledging a million new homes this parliament in response to targets for home building consistently falling short. But don’t despair. The fulfilment of Government pledges, regardless of who’s in power, tends to happen as frequently as a bus turns up on time after some snowfall. See the latest commitment to solve the housing crisis, along with insights into what new homes may look like to meet the housing shortage over the next 40 years.>


Shameless Promotion of Something Great….Us

Which segues nicely into this week’s promotion of what you really should be doing with your money; not just buying or trying to buy homes, but investing smaller amounts in those really clever property crowdfunding companies. The ones where you can share some of the spoils of property investing from the comfort of your chair without any hassle. Do I mean us? I most surely do. See what you’re missing out on by downloading one of our fabulous info packs.


House Prices and their ever upwards Spiral

Our weekly property round up wouldn’t be complete without one report detailing some new record being set by house price rises. The week’s comes from Right Move’s house price index which claims that the average increase in house prices for September is the greatest seen since 2002. With the number of properties coming on the market being down 6% from September 2014, favourable demand-side conditions continue to drive price rises. Will the bubble ever burst? Seemingly not.

The Best New Towns for House Prices in the UK

There’s always been a Johnny Come Lately stigma to new towns. The names never helped: Skelmersdale, Basildon and Stevenage failing to inspire municipally-inclined minds like Salisbury, Bayswater and Scarborough. And maybe there’s some residual, irrational, snob-value afflicting them too, which leads to new towns tending to be cheaper than surrounding areas: Savills telling The Telegraph that ALL new towns tend to be 12% below the regional urban average for house prices. Or, it may be something to do with post-WWII town planners taking their tips from continental architects who believed living in concrete egg cartons piled on top of each other was the only way to live.Who knows. But what we do know is that all new towns are not created equal. The Telegraph lists the top and worst performing new towns by house price growth. We would like to express surprise that the best performers are in the south and the worst in the North. But we can’t.


Grey Pound Creates Generation of Gran-Lords

Tip of the hat to The Telegraph for claiming the coveted ‘property headline of the week’ award with the Rise of the ‘gran-lord’. A book of Ken Dodd’s Greatest Puns is in the post. Not expensive postage, as it fits in an envelope. A small one.  But beneath the pun that won was a story containing this week’s most surprising claim – at least to this House Crowder.

One in ten people in Britain over 55 are now buy-to let-landlords

This eye-popping stat comes from a Saga survey reported in The Tele with a sample of 10,000. While we knew there was a whole generation who have invested the gains made from their own homes into further property, we didn’t realise it was that widespread. To see the purposes they put this extra property and their average income from it, check out:-


Estate Agents Plot Drone Attacks on Clear-Sighted?

Estate Agents failed to make the top five of least popular professions in a survey this year. Which is surprising. Given that being a successful one entails polishing a turd, putting some sash curtains on it and selling it as a bijou townhouse. But enough of my own negative equity; you get the gist. They can be annoying because they have something in common with you and me: a pair of eyes. But their pair serially suffers sight loss as they stick inflexibly to their ‘positive’ script when showing you round properties that resemble an East End tenement from the Blitz… after it’s been bombed. So, it was seriously newsworthy this week that they have ingeniously devised a new way of being annoying. Attacking your home with a drone. Is it really time to don hard hats as resentful estate agents take revenge on us for having perfect vision? Find out here