If you’re yet to watch The Theory of Everything, you must. No one deserved the Golden Globe Award for best actor more than Eddie Redmayne for his role as the legendary Stephen Hawking. It’s a definite must watch and you won’t be disappointed, even Hawking himself shed a tear when he watched the premiere. It’s not just Stephen Hawking who had a great theory, it’s The House Crowd too and although it’s nothing to do with time, it is still a revolutionary breakthrough; crowdfunding property investment.

The House Crowd successfully (and deservingly) reached our 100th crowdfunding property investment in December, just in time for Christmas. And because it’s such a huge achievement, we decided to put together a few cool facts (to the left) to show you what The House Crowd have done between property investment number 1 and property investment number 100.

Manchester is becoming the hot spot for property investment due to lower and more sustainable housing prices, and less borrowing involved. You can find more reasons why the North has become the prime location for property investment on our previous blog. But, Manchester has something that other major UK cities don’t offer; crowdfunding. This means, property investment is much easier and hassle free.

If you’re a newbie to the world of property investment and want to learn more about how The House Crowd can make things easier for you, then register for one of our webinars that are coming up. They’re only an hour and hosted by the UK’s leading property investment expert, Frazer Fearnhead.