The housing market changes more times than the Great British weather and it’s a market that we always keep up to date with on a daily basis; one minute housing prices are shooting through the roof and the next minute they’re at a more stable level. But as long as the UK economy remains stabilised, then so does the price of houses.

According to recent research by Rightmove, the average cost of a house will rise by 8% by the end of the year and the average seller is looking at a £270,000 sale. Latest statistics have revealed a 0.2% increase in the cost of a house in the North West, but in comparison to July last year, the overall value of a home has dropped by 0.5%. However, other areas across the UK have witnessed a continuous decrease between June and July 2014, and in comparison to 2013. Fortunately, its people like us who will help to give the average value of a home a little push in the right direction through our property investment schemes.

Rightmove’s Director, Miles Shipside stated that one reason for the drop in housing prices during July was down to the World Cup. Just another reason why the England football team need to buck up their ideas! Of course, we can’t blame the World Cup fiasco for everything, as mortgage repayments are becoming more costly and mortgages in general are harder to get.

But hey, don’t let a few numbers scare you off, The House Crowd isn’t the big bad wolf and you’re not one of the three little pigs. You could say we’re the bricks that hold the house together and with our property investments schemes, putting your foot through the door when it comes to stepping on the property ladder couldn’t be any easier!