With Halloween creeping on us, we thought we’d dedicate this blog to those ghostly sightings in our home town of Manchester and throughout the UK. There will be a few sceptics out there and with reason, but you really do have to see it to believe it. We’re not sure whether our property investment houses have spirits lurking behind closed doors, or if the property was built on an old burial site, but what we are sure of is that there is nothing scary about The House Crowd.

We did a bit of research to find out where the most haunted places in England are and Yorkshire came out top with 587 recorded reporting’s of paranormal activity. Manchester has its fair share of floating spirits including famous places such as the Palace Theatre, Manchester airport, Bootle Street Police Station, the old Brannigans night club on Peter Street (and a few other buildings on this street), Manchester Cathedral and Ordsall Hall.

Although Manchester might not be up as one of the most haunted places to live in the UK, the city does carry a lot of history with it and we believe that there are a few hidden secrets hiding, just waiting to be discovered.

The House Crowd has buy-to-let houses across Greater Manchester and new ones on the horizon, ready and waiting for investors like you to get involved with. You can find all of the latest property investments over on our website, or you can register with us today and download your free information pack. You’ll receive all the latest news and updates before anyone else!

So don’t be scared to begin your property investment dream with The House Crowd, as we’ll guarantee that there will be nothing hiding beneath the beds…