The Ticking Retirement Timebomb & How To Protect Yourself

Frazer Fearnhead, CEO of The House Crowd, presented a webinar entitled The Ticking Retirement Timebomb and How To Protect Yourself.

You can view a recording of his presentation here.

As promised on the night, we have collated all questions asked on the night and provided responses below.

If you have further questions please get in touch with our friendly member support team (Damian and Nigel) in the following ways:

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Questions and Answers…

“Do you have any statistics about how often your properties lose in value and the investors lose their money?”

There has been no loss of in any of our peer to peer loans or development deals. The only time our investors have ever lost money was in respect of one speculative off plan deal for a development in Sutton, Surrey. That particular deal was marketed as being high risk. It is something we offered as a one off and will not be offering again.

“When is The House Crowd going to get full FCA accreditation?”

Hopefully any time now. Our case manager has approved our application and we are just waiting for it to be signed off by the FCA. 

I am coming up 50 years old. Due to a combination of circumstances I have no retirement plan in place. I have fortunately paid off all my debts, but have a substantial mortgage. It feels that retirement planning or mortgage servicing are mutually exclusive?”

Unfortunately, we cannot offer financial advice so can’t offer an opinion on whether it’s best for you to pay your mortgage down quickly or look towards alternative investments.

What we can say is that, peer to peer lending generally offers higher interest, but does come with an element of risk. We do everything we can to mitigate these risks but the decision to invest is very much down to you, your personal circumstances and your appetite for risk (however small that risk actually is). 

“Can you explain what happens to my money if the person lending it doesn’t repay the loan on time?”

Re – Peer to peer lending – I have recently written explaining how our lending process works and what happens if a borrower doesn’t repay on time. You can read more here.

Re – Property development crowdfunding – Repayment is dependent on us selling the houses. If it takes longer to sell than estimated then you will be paid back later, but you will continue to earn interest until you are repaid.

“I was planning on investing a few months ago but found the sign-up process quite difficult. Can you help me with these steps?”

If you’re having any problems registering your account you can contact our Member Support team – Damian and Nigel. They can help you through the process and answer your questions. Our office hours are 9-6 Monday-Friday.

Also, you’ll be pleased to know we will be launching a brand-new website in early 2018. Over the past 12 months we have recruited an in-house tech team who have been working to make everything easier for our members. We’re pretty excited about this development and will send more details in the New Year.

“I like the idea of peer to peer lending but I don’t have the time to keep on top of everything you have to offer. Is there some way I can set up my account to invest in certain products automatically?”

We have exciting plans to develop new, easier ‘auto invest’ products in 2018. This means you can invest your funds into one product and we will spread them into a more diverse portfolio. You just earn a fixed rate and don’t have to do anything more.

In the meantime, you may be interested to know we offer free text alerts to notify people when we launch a new investment opportunity. You can join this free service by texting THC to 82228 (service applies to UK mobiles only).

“I filled in a form for the free info pack a while back but when I go to login at The House Crowd it doesn’t work. Please can you help?”

Due to the way our systems are set up at the moment if you downloaded a free information pack on our website you won’t automatically be registered as a House Crowd member.

Just click on this link to register your free account. Remember to complete your profile as well – this only takes a couple of minutes. Once done you’ll be able to view all our current investments in more detail and receive free email alerts when new investments are launched.

Do you charge any fees if I invest with you?”

No, the interest percentage on each product quoted is the amount paid to you, there are no deductions.

“I really enjoyed the webinar. Are you planning on doing more in the future?”

Thanks for your positive feedback! We are planning a new webinar explaining how our property development crowdfunded loans work in the New Year. We will send you an invite a week or two in advance of that one.