Following on from our previous post, here is the second instalment of our top tips for maximising your chances of gaining planning permission for alterations to residential property:

  • It pays to be realistic. Applying for planning permission for modifications that will make your property stick out like a sore-thumb is almost guaranteed to be rejected. Take a good look at properties in your area that have had extensions and renovations in the past couple of years and use this as an approximate gauge for what is acceptable.
  • Making highly disruptive modifications without consulting your nearby neighbours is not only impolite, it can also hamper the work you are carrying out if they choose to launch an objection with your local council. A trip over the fence (sweet treats optional) to explain the work you are planning and how long it will take is common courtesy and should help negate future objections.
  • Never try to cheat the planning system, regardless of how frustrating it gets. Penalties for breaching planning rules include fines of up to £20,000 and the possibility of jail. Councils also have the right to send workmen to your home to, quite literally, tear down unauthorised alterations at your expense!

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