With years of property buying experience, we have come across houses for sale presented in outstanding, average and downright terrible conditions. In a buyer’s market, it is crucial for sellers to present their property in its best light to stand out from other options and receive bids close to their valuation. Below is the first part of our easy-to-implement top tips for maximising your chances of selling:

  • Always clear clutter. It’s incredible how many properties we’ve viewed which are stunning on the outside, but reminiscent of a bombsite inside. Whilst some prospective buyers have the ability to look past mess and imagine rooms as a blank canvas, clutter always makes rooms feel smaller, which could be a defining factor on whether you receive an offer.
  • Decorating rooms with neutral colours might not be what movers will stick with, but it enables them to envision your house as their home. Your brightly painted walls and patterned wallpapers need to go as they carry far too much of your own personal touch.
  • How many times have you looked at an over-grown lawn with derision, without paying any attention to the property it belongs to? Your green space doesn’t need to be reminiscent of an English Country Garden, but pruning hedges, cutting the grass and planting tasteful, understated flowers can help your property standout against other houses on the street and possible competition.

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