Below is the second installment of our easy-to-implement top tips for maximising your chances of selling:

  • Temporarily removing family photos is an important and often overlooked piece of advice for those looking to sell. Home buyers, especially those buying for the first time, need to feel like they could belong in a property before they will put an offer in. Prominent family photos can have a negative influence on this process.
  • If you have pets, make sure you fully remove the smell by airing out your home and remove all hair – some viewers may have allergies. It can even be worth asking an honest friend or family member to visit your house to scrutinise, as over time you become accustomed to the smell of your own home and pets, good or bad!
  • Introducing light, preferably by removing any net curtains or blinds and moving large furniture away from windows, is essential. An immaculately tidied house can go to waste if poorly-lit. Be sure to focus lighting in areas you want to draw attention to – for example any exposed brick, impressive fireplaces or period features.
  •  Although not directly an action to improve presentation, choosing your estate agent well is vital to selling your property as they have huge influence over a viewer. Taking your time to select an estate agent who will present the positives and potential of your property to the best of their ability is crucial. You can go some way to making sure an estate agent is doing your home justice by providing them with a simple room-by-room guide to the strongest must-mention features of the property.

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