For a variety of reasons, those claiming housing benefits have received a large amount of bad press over the last couple of years and continue to be the subject of contentious public opinion.

For landlords, the argument in favour of social housing tenanting has not been helped at all by those who flagrantly cheated the UK’s welfare system and left substantially tainted opinion in their wake.

However, it’s the common-sense responsibility of landlords to rise above stereotyping the majority of social housing tenants because of well-publicised and likely over-hyped, misdemeanours of a minority. Research has shown the bulk of people on housing benefit are decent people who regard the place they live as a permanent let, rather than a short-term solution.

Additionally, for those quick to judge housing support, it’s worth remembering that a high proportion of people receiving housing benefit are aged over 55 and have contributed much to society and tax pots throughout their working lives, and are only now in need of support as they head into retirement.

Our perspective at The House Crowd is that short-sighted landlords, who form part of the growing number of landlords leaving the LHA market, should ask themselves whether they can actually afford to abandon such a substantial part of the private rented sector when our industry is still recovering from such challenging economic circumstances.

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