On Thursday 31st January we hosted a live webinar to introduce investors to our Chapel Walks development.

Frazer Fearnhead (CEO) was joined by our Director of Developments, Justin Molloy.

Thanks to all of you who attended and for posting your questions. We have published answers to all questions received below.

You can watch a recording of the webinar by clicking here (hosted on our YouTube page).

Q: Can you get your money out earlier before the development has sold?

A: We repay investors in the following order as a matter of policy. 1. All investor capital will be returned first, then 2. Investor interest will be repaid separately, and finally 3. the developer takes remaining profit. We do this to be fair to all investors and not to potentially expose some to more risk than others. If you think you will need the funds you plan to invest earlier than the end of the term, then please do not invest. Also, we cannot guarantee that funds will be repaid at the end of the advertised term. It could be earlier or later depending on the sale of the properties.

Q: Can I buy equity shares in this development?

A. We offer debt based investments for a simple reason. Equity based investments would mean variable returns for investors. If our developments go on longer than planned then we bear the additional costs, so our investment model offers less risk to you (the investor) compared to an equity model. We believe this is best way to operate our property development investment model and gives investors the best chance of earning consistent, predictable returns.

Q: Are any parts of the building listed?

A: We can confirm the building isn’t listed.

Q: How do I access the full financials for the project?

A: As a responsible FCA regulated business we’re unable to advertise full details of our investments to people who have not completed our registration process. Click here to complete your registration. It’ll only take a minute or two and you’ll be able to see the full product summary, plus you’ll receive a Free Investment Guide which explains all our products in more detail!