It feels like ages ago that we reached our 100th property investments milestone, but it was only last Wednesday. Our 100th crowdfunding project lasted as long as food does on Christmas Day; it’s already 98% funded and I bet by the time I’ve finished writing this blog it will be gone, gone, gone! Fortunately, project 101 has its door open for you to invest, but be quick.

Whilst property investments project 100 took the limelight away from project 101, I thought I’d quickly tell you about it and if you’ve made Father Christmas’ “Good List” this year (which we’re sure you have), then this is a crowdfunding investment that you don’t want to miss out on!

Project 101 is a delightful retirement apartment that’s partnered up with guaranteed rental and a 10% bonus payment. That doesn’t sound so bad for an opening does it? It’s located in the second of our properties at the Green Lane, luxury retirement complex in Sheffield. Yep, not Manchester, Sheffield! It’s a great location for anyone looking for a high standard of living for elderly people and what’s more, the local authority pays the bills (in the majority of cases), and the demand for people wanting to require accommodation there is high too. This makes it the perfect residential home, as well as making fantastic ethical returns.

And to the nitty gritty bit. With this property investments project, you will receive a return of 7.5% a year, which is paid quarterly with a bonus of 10%, if the developer exercises his option to buy back. If the buyer chooses this option in year 3, the annualised return will be 10.8%.

If our latest crowdfunding property investments have interested you, then get in touch with The House Crowd today.