The day that we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived yesterday (10th December 2014), as The House Crowd reached their 100th crowdfunding, property investments project and we couldn’t be happier! Actually, we’re on Project 101 now!

Reaching our 100th project is a massive achievement for The House Crowd; it even tops the awards that we have won this year. Now, I suppose you want to learn a little more about our spectacular crowdfunding Project 100.

Well Project 100 is a delightful three bedroom property that we saved from being repossessed. We purchased the house at bargain price of £40,000 and although the property requires a lot of refurbishment work, which we’ll organise, it will look like a million dollar house once we’ve finished with it, well at least worth £85,000 anyway. Once the project has been completed, it will deliver an annualised return over the five year minimum term of 17.3%.

You can find for more information about Project 100 over on our website or by registering with The House Crowd today.

The House Crowd would like to thank everyone for helping to make this happen and continuing to invest in a property with us. And of course, we’d like to thank the whole of The House Crowd’s team for their hard work.

So reach for a glass, crack open the bubbly and join The House Crowd for a celebratory drink. Or if you just want a bit more information about crowdfunding and our property investments, then feel free to download our FREE information pack today.