We are often asked if we have plans to expand the geographical area in which we operate and it seems to be a very common question when we have our monthly House Crowd webinars on property investing and property crowdfunding.

There is a reason why we tend to Crowdfund the property investments in the Manchester area as is a region that we know well and being based within 45 minutes of our projects certainly helps with the management of your investment and the management of the property.

The housing stock that proves so popular with our investors is mainly located in the North and Eastern parts of Manchester, areas where extensive development has turned these once unloved areas into places where commuting into the city centre is easy and regeneration is leading to thriving areas where we can achieve high yields.
We have started to move further afield as you will probably have noticed with new property investments in Liverpool, HMO investments in Warrington and retirement home investments in Sheffield. We are gradually building our contact base in these areas and you can review the latest investments on our Property Investments page.