Exciting news has broken this week for the Manchester property market. Simon Woodroffe, founder of the YO! Company behind popular sushi chain, YO! Sushi, has announced plans to launch a 24 apartment block of space-saving luxury flats in Manchester, in the up-and-coming New Islington area.

These innovative new apartments are designed with urban-living in mind, and are likely to prove a real hit with young professionals looking for an affordable purchase that meets all their needs. And if one of these needs is futuristic, space-saving home that’s bound to impress, then a YO! Home is sure to do that!

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Working in collaboration with Glenn Howells Architects and SIG Building Systems, the YO! Homes being created in New Islington feature some seriously innovative ideas.

Within a space no larger than a one-bedroom flat, a YO! Home squeezes in enough features to fill a two-bedroom house. Sounds impossible, right?

Well, not when you learn how they do it!

According to documents submitted with the planning application, “The design centres upon a kit of moving parts, which draw on the mechanics of stage scenery, transforming a small space into a much larger home. The use of multipurpose furniture, cleverly crafted moving elements and a carefully considered design of space helps create a flexible home that transforms the way we live.”

Having trouble picturing it? Check out the video:

The first New Islington project is set to be built on a plot on the corner of Old Mill Street and Lampwick Street, next door to Urban Splash’s Stubbs Mill office. Glenn Howells, who is also a director at YO! Home, has stated:

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“Forming a distinctive landmark within the area, [this New Islington development] will create homes that make efficient use of land and construction materials. We can see how this concept for living will be attractive in Manchester and that it can be widely applied to other cities around the world.”

We’re inclined to agree, that Manchester is a great place for YO! Homes to begin its quest for space-saving homes. The New Islington area is also the perfect location, which has been home to some real innovation over the last few years. The area was once one of Manchester’s worst estates, but now is swiftly becoming one of the most desirable areas in the city, particularly with the young professionals that the YO! Homes are marketed towards.

So, could we start seeing innovative, space-saving homes like these YO! Homes up for investment on The House Crowd soon? Who knows! You’ll just have to keep watching this space.

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